Copenhagen in a Day:

It sounds crazy, but it is possible to explore a city in a day. With limited leave options and an already planned itinerary, we decided to break out of it and visit Copenhagen for a day. It turned out to be one of the best impromptu decisions we have ever made.

Singapore: What makes this tiny nation one of the most visited destination on the planet?

There are numerous reasons to visit Singapore. During our travel to Singapore, we discovered a place more than just towering architecture, iconic structures and luxuriant greenery – a city that will constantly wow you with its meteoric economic rise, world class attractions and innovations; a country that will fascinate you with its arts, heritage and culture; a state that will leave you amused with its diverse ethnicity, nightlife, neighborhood, festivals and culinary delights. 


The worst beginning to our best ever journey

On our first travel as a married couple to Scandinavia, we encountered a series of disasters and worst travel nightmares. While we recount our horrors, here is an article for all travelers out there who can avoid dealing with the same by learning from our mistakes. Also have a good laugh 🙂

Seychelles - Without A Hole in the Pocket

Dining on the beach under the starlit night sky with your soul mate/better half might have been on the bucket list for many of us. The sound of the first wave of the rising tide crashing on the pebbly beaches, the rustling of leaves in the wooded steep caused by the sea breeze, the sight of million stars illuminating the night sky somehow mysteriously multiplies the level of romance, isn’t it? 

Top 5 things to do in Seychelles. From Sunset Cruise to Bizarre delicacies

Seychelles Wedding (Renewal of Vows)- #becausemarryingyouonceisntenough

“I found a love…. for me…Darling just dive right in….follow my lead…- Ed Sheeran”
The song that played while we walked down the isle hand in hand on the dreamy beaches of Seychelles. 

A complete guide on planning and surviving your next trip to Iceland in Winter

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