About Us

Travel is an addiction and we are proud traveloholics. Our page is not just about globetrotting but every experience worth documenting. Read on to know more about us and hopefully get inspired to believe in the endless possibilities of exploring the world and see the life BEYOND SUNRISES AND SUNSETS


I am a yoga trainer and a trained dancer. I left my full time corporate job to pursue my passion of dance and fitness, travel and live my life on my own terms. I am an ardent food lover and like to cook during my free time. I have the amazing talent of ruining any song with incorrect lyrics and my own made up tunes, dance on the go and make up not-so-funny jokes just to annoy Riya. Hey, that’s why I call myself free spirited.



I am a banker and a travel enthusiast. Since my schooldays  reading through history and geography textbooks, learning all about different places in the world and their stories, I developed a keen interest in travelling. I used to get instantly transported to the place in my mind while the tutors were going about their teaching. Over time this has only turned into a burning desire and now I do not want to wait for the destiny to take me places, instead create my own. Other than day dreaming and creating itineraries I enjoy photography, street and online shopping, have a thing for drama (generally fulfilled by Sourab) and high heels.

You and I = We

He is a dreamer and she is the planner

He is abstract and she is practical

He is unreasonable and she is grounded

He is funny and she is crazy

He is cautious and she is impulsive

He is logical and she is emotional. 

He is a foodie and she, not so much.

Though we are poles apart, we have a lot in common. Be it the love for travel, dance, painting, passion for life and what not. At the end of the day these contradicting characters help us having a different perspective. This contrast and similarities brings the perfect balance in us. Together we compliment each other and make for an ideal travel companion.

It was pure destiny and the deeds of a matchmaking website. 

After texting eachother for a week we decided to meet in person, it did not take us a long to discover that we had crossed paths before. We worked in the same organization, same building and even traveled in the same cab once but did not know each other then. We knew right away we were meant to be.

We were married within 3 months from then and embarked upon our first travel as a couple. The journey made us realize this is what we wanted to do for life, travel-explore-enjoy. Throughout the next 2 years we managed to travel 12 countries, learning a great deal from each experience, opening our heart and soul to the world and started penning down these experienes in our blogs all while having our full time jobs. 


We desire is to be able to leave the world a better place than we found it. Travel, explore extensively, ethically and responsibly. Inspire others to travel and the ones who can’t, be their window to the world. Be able to capture the essence of the places we set foot on. Master the art of painting a picture by entwining storytelling with our journey. And lastly get married as many times as we could to keep renewing the promise we made to eachother on the day of our first wedding.