India is a land that is as unique as its geographical map. As one of the oldest civilizations and countries, the place is blessed with history and heritage, traditions, and cultural extravaganzas. With its mysterious and charming experiences, with overwhelming landscapes, chaotic cities, and quaint villages it can leave its visitors in a state of awe and wonder. 

Someone visiting India for the first time might see it as a land of extremes. Its busy cities and noisy streets, crammed public transport and bustling colors, harsh terrains, ever-changing weather, and cultural differences can overwhelm anyone at the start. But India has more than what meets the eyes. As you start to see it up close it slowly lingers on you. Over time it might turn into a love-hate relationship but once you are in India it will surely stay in your heart and mind forever. 

Whether you are a family vacationer exploring the serene backwaters of Kerala from the comfort of a houseboat or a solo adventurer feeling one with the nature amongst the untouched valleys of Uttarakhand; a couple on their honeymoon witnessing the first snowfall in hilly regions of Himachal Pradesh or a group of friends chilling in the beaches of Goa, a group in search of spirituality in the lanes of Varanasi or just a globetrotter looking for some unique experiences in the historical city of Agra; India has something to offer to everyone.  

For ages, India has been one of the places of interest for world travelers due to its misty hill stations, thousands of km of coastline, historical monuments, serene backwaters, mighty rivers, pilgrimages and shrines, national parks and rich wildlife, and vibrant festivals. Travel across the different states to discover an enriching amalgamation of culture, language, tradition, lifestyle, and people and be on a journey of your lifetime.

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