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A look back at the year that was -2019

2018 was the year of relax travel, lodging at the comfort of hotels, dining at famous restaurants, moving around at our own pace, commuting by taxi, numerous flights and only travelling to well-known tourist attractions while 2019 was the year of change. This time around we decided to let go of our comfort bit by bit and explore every part of the city we travel in true backpacker style. We started with Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi in July and ended the year with a backpacking tour through four countries across South east Asia.
The year has been phenomenal in terms of having crazy adventures. From losing mobile phone in the aircraft and getting it back after 4 days, getting lost in a remote village in Vietnam, being chased away by crocodiles in Laos, spending sleepless nights fighting bedbugs, roaming the ghostly streets at nights, besides wonderful experiences like getting married for the third time, speaking to locals, staying at their home, trying out local delicacies, exploring off beat places, walking miles together, watching sunsets, these experiences have made our travel truly extraordinary. This year also taught us about responsible travel and sustainability. Inspired by a lot of travellers, we wanted to do our bit for the world we live in and hence we brought in a change in the way we traveled. We explored a lot by foot, local buses, metro, trains, journeyed from one country to another by bus instead of flight, avoided using plastic as much as possible and zero wastage of food and water.
We do have quite a few plans for this year and yet another change in our lives. We can't wait to begin our journey and share our travel stories in the hope of inspiring more people to travel, and mainly TRAVEL RESPONSIBLY.

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